Jodie Bromby

Jodie Bromby studied at Nottingham Trent University and achieved a BA in Primary Education. She has taught in many countries, including the UK, Kuwait, China and Singapore. Jodie has taken on a variety of roles within schools including Literacy coach, NQT mentor and Well-being lead. Jodie believes that wellbeing should be at the centre of a positive classroom, and she enjoys implementing a variety of techniques within the classroom. She is also a ‘Relax Kids’ coach and runs a 7-step programme with children to help them to self-regulate.

Outside of school, Jodie has a passion for travelling the world and ticking experiences off her bucket list. She thrives off experiencing new cultures and feels very privileged by the amount of countries she has been able to visit in our vast world (Over 50 so far!). Apart from travel, Jodie enjoys playing a variety of sports, especially netball and tennis. Jodie also LOVES animals, she has a miniature poodle called Sunny, who brings sunshine into her days.