Senior School

In Senior School, students will consolidate their knowledge to excel in their exams, and gain skills and competencies to become effective global citizens. Students will be given opportunities to develop their own talents and interests, and will be given the freedom to express themselves as they grow in resilience and self-reliance. A strong pastoral system will be delivered through a House system, where students will develop their leadership and individual strengths in an environment of respect and responsibility with a strong cultural heritage.

Year 9 is a preparatory year, where students identify their academic preferences and select the IGCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects at the end of the year.

In years 10 and 11, students will complete their IGCSE course in core subjects – English, Mathematics and Sciences – and various optional subjects in the areas of modern foreign language, arts, humanities and PE.

Following examination, in years 12 and 13, we will support students’ ambitions beyond 16 and we will facilitate pathways to courses in top world universities, such as Oxbridge, the Russell group universities, prestigious Medical, Art Schools or Music Conservatoires.