Principal’s introduction

I am delighted to welcome you to the King’s School, Vattanacville. Here in Phnom Penh we are proud to be the latest incarnation of the oldest school in the UK, with more than 1400 years of history behind us.  At the King’s School we take the very best of traditional values and fuse them with modern cutting-edge technology and an education for the world of the future.  We believe in the pursuit of academic excellence through fine teaching and learning that stretches but does not stress the talented children in our care.  A rounded education that includes superb co-curricular activities, married to the very best of British curricula to prepare young people for the world’s top universities, is at the heart of our ethos.  Underlying all this is outstanding pastoral care and individual attention that nurtures children to grow up as caring, empathetic and resilient young people ready to be the team players, consensus builders and leaders of the future.  

The school is in its early stages and currently based in central Phnom Penh.  In time, we will expand outwards with a new boarding school in our suburban campus in Vattanacville.  Now, we invite you to join us and grow with us organically in our journey to being one of the finest schools in Southeast Asia- the place of choice for Cambodians and expats alike.  An exciting future awaits you. 

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