Hourt Peaheng

Peaheng graduated from a university in Phnom Penh, Peaheng spent three years working as a part-time English teacher. During this time, Peaheng gained valuable experience and honed her teaching skills. Eventually, she decided to make a career move and transitioned to Northbridge International School, where she became a Khmer teacher. This new role allowed her to work with students of various ages and nationalities, providing her with a diverse and enriching teaching experience. Teaching at an international school has been incredibly rewarding, as she has been able to share her knowledge and culture with students from divers heritage. Over the course of eight years, Peaheng taught students of various ages and nationalities, gaining valuable experience in working with diverse groups of learners. In addition, she had the opportunity to collaborate with international educators, further expanding her skills and knowledge in the field of education.  

Peaheng is dedicated to international education and a genuine passion for learning from diverse perspectives. With four years of marriage and a wonderful daughter, Peaheng brings a deep appreciation for family values and a proactive approach to collaboration. Peaheng is eager to immerse herself in an international education setting, leveraging her skills to foster a culture of learning and inclusivity. Peaheng is excited about the opportunity to work at King’s School and looks forward to the prospect of growing both personally and professionally while contributing positively to the school community.