Georgina Chadwick

George earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Chester and pursued her teaching degree at Keele University. With over a decade of teaching experience, George began her career in the UK, where she honed her skills and developed a deep passion for education. Her career then took her around the globe, teaching in New Zealand, Mongolia, and El Salvador, where she embraced the diverse educational challenges and cultural experiences each country offered. George’s international experience has enriched her teaching methods and provided her with a unique global perspective that she brings into the classroom.

Beyond her professional achievements, George is dedicated to staying active, often found training in the gym or running. Her love for travel allows her to explore new cultures and places, further broadening her understanding of the world. George’s educational philosophy is centered on values-based education, aiming to develop the child holistically. She believes in nurturing not just the academic but also the emotional and social growth of her students, preparing them to be well-rounded individuals in an increasingly interconnected world.