Emily Havler

Emily Havler comes to The Kings School Vattanacville from East Yorkshire, by way of 3 years in Mexico City. She brings with her an extensive career in teaching at all levels of Primary and Early Years. Graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a BEd in Early Years Education, and working in a variety of different educational settings, Emily has taught in a number of schools in the UK, and at Mexico’s top British International school, The Edron Academy over the course of the last 10 years. She has moved to Cambodia with her husband Chris, who works as a news editor.

She enjoys exploring the rich history (and food) of Southeast Asia. A keen surfer, occasional runner and haphazardous skateboarder, she can usually be found in the gym after work. Her interests include art, marine conservation and trying to escape from her husband when he starts talking about rugby. A (mostly considered risk taker), Emily also likes to jump from planes, swim with sharks and hike up active volcanoes. She is excited to bring her flair and creativity to the classroom to make sure every child in her class is as enthusiastic as she is.