Procurement & Admin Officer


The King’s School, Canterbury, Vattanacville (KSV) is looking for a qualified and experienced Procurement and Admin Officer to join our team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Ideal candidates will demonstrate proficiency in procurement practices and administrative tasks, ensuring efficient operations to support the school’s objectives. Additionally, we value individuals who are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment, contributing to the school community’s growth, and upholding The King’s School values in all interactions. Join us in our commitment to excellence and holistic education.


We are currently seeking an exceptional candidate to fill the role of Procurement and Administrative Officer at The King’s School, Canterbury, Vattanacville (KSV). The successful applicant will be responsible for overseeing procurement processes and managing administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of our institution. We are looking for an individual who is highly organized, proactive, and capable of adapting to the dynamic environment of our growing school. The ideal candidate will possess strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues across various departments. If you are a motivated and dedicated professional seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the field of procurement and administration, we encourage you to apply and become a valued member of our team.


+ Procurement

• Receive and assess procurement requests from various departments/teachers.
• Generate requisite tender documentation in collaboration with department heads.
• Validate all purchase requests for proper authorization.
• Foster and maintain positive relationships with suppliers.
• Evaluate all tender submissions and provide recommendations accordingly.
• Monitor timely delivery of all orders.
• Collaborate with other departments/teachers to ensure accurate and pertinent purchases.
• Investigate any discrepancies between purchase orders and receipts.
• Oversee the implementation of internal controls and the operational efficacy of procurement systems.
• Assist in the management of contracts and supply agreements.
• Coordinate shipping with agents for the clearance of international deliveries.
• Provide comprehensive documentation support and organize carrier and route assignments.
• Track shipment payments and quotas.
• Communicate vessel arrival times to the Finance department for payment and release purposes.
• Ensure availability of shipping documents prior to vessel arrivals.
• Collaborate with the group procurement team to address necessary tasks essential for completing the job requirements.

+ Administration

• Responsible for managing the procurement of school stationery, office supplies, and other necessary materials.
• Maintain accurate records of inventory levels and reorder supplies as needed to ensure uninterrupted operations.
• Provide administrative support to staff, teachers, and administrators as needed.
• Coordinate maintenance and repair services for office equipment and facilities.
• Maintain accurate records of school stationary and office supplies inventory.



+ Education Bachelor’s degree
+ Major Any major
+ Language English (Intermediate to Proficient Level) to work in an international environment


+ Preferred

• At least 1-2 years of experience in Procurement/Administrative role